New York Observer Names Christopher Anderson Photographer-In-Residence

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From The New York Observer web page:

New York has named its first-ever photographer-in-residence: Christopher Anderson, of the Magnum photography cooperative.

A picture from Anderson's work "Capitolio". ©Christopher Anderson/Magnum

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris for many years, and have been continuously blown away by his work,” said editor-in-chief Adam Moss in an announcement. “We created this new position to provide a showcase for his work and to deepen the magazine’s commitment to original photography.”

“We thought that we could be the ideal outlet for Chris to explore his painter’s palette of image-making,” added photography director Jody Quon.

Last year Mr. Anderson photographed Occupy Wall Street and took portraits of combat photojournalists for New York.

He will now shoot editorial work exclusively for the magazine, beginning with this week’s moody “Workplace Confidential” photographs. Mr. Anderson’s photography has appeared in National Geographic, Vanity Fair, W, and the Times Magazine, among others.

It’s great to hear this kind of things still happen, good luck to Mr. Anderson.


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I’m happy to announce my photo story “Bitter Sweet Tea Drops” is being featured on Foto Evidence website as one of the selected works. The story deals with the hard life conditions Tamil workers have to endure in Sri Lanka’s tea industry. Sri Lanka is one of world’s main tea producers and exporters, and tea adds up to a hefty amount of the country’s meager GDP.

About Foto Evidence, quoting from their website: “Since the dawn of photography, images captured on film have brought previously undocumented events to the attention of the public. Photographs have changed not only people’s perception but, in some cases, altered the course of history. Fotoevidence is founded to continue the tradition of using photography to draw attention to human rights violations, injustice, oppression and assaults on sovereignty or human dignity wherever they may occur.”