Crude Amazon

Even though it occupies just 0.15 percent of the entire Amazon region, the nearly 4000 sq. mile Yasuni National Park is one of the most biodiverse places on this planet. Roughly one-third of its amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal species thrive in it. Yasuni is also home of a small indigenous tribe, the Huaorani, who have been contacted only in the last 50 years.

Unfortunately this remnant of primeval life happens to lie on top of the last exploitable oil resources of the country. Under international pressure, President Rafael Correa has pledged to preserve Yasuni from destruction holding greedy oil companies out of its territory. In exchange Ecuador asks a compensation for the missed revenue. Should this unprecedented move be met with success, it would be the first time in human history that the international community gives up a primary, lucrative resource such as oil to preserve nature.